At the time of the 2016 Fellowship announcement, 73 members of Imperial staff or individuals who have an ongoing association with Imperial are Fellows of the Royal Society.

Fellows of the Royal Society

Department of Aeronautics

  • Emeritus Professor of Experimental Aerodynamics, Peter Bradshaw FRS

Institute of Biomedical Engineering

  • Professor Chris Toumazou

Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology

  • Emeritus Professor Geoffrey F. Hewitt
  • Professor Dame Julia S. Higgins

Department of Chemistry

  • Professor Anthony G.M. Barrett
  • Professor James Durrant
  • Professor Vernon C. Gibson
  • Emeritus Professor Andrew Holmes
  • Emeritus Professor David Phillips CBE
  • Professor Michael Robb

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Emeritus Professor John Burland
  • Professor Patrick J. Dowling

Institute of Clinical Sciences

  • Professor Amanda Fisher

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Emeritus Professor David Q. Mayne

Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology

  • Emeritus Professor Sir Ravinder Maini

Centre for Environmental Policy

  • Professor Sir Gordon Conway

Grantham Institute for Climate Change

  • Professor Sir Brian Hoskins

Department of Life Sciences

  • Emeritus Professor Jim Barber
  • Professor John Beddington
  • Professor Martin Buck
  • Emeritus Professor Michael J. Crawley
  • Professor Anne Dell
  • Professor P. Leslie Dutton
  • Professor Nicholas Franks
  • Professor H. Charles J. Godfray
  • Emeritus Professor Brian S. Hartley
  • Professor Michael P. Hassell
  • Professor Russell Lande
  • Emeritus Professor Howard R. Morris
  • Professor Colin Prentice
  • Professor Bill Rutherford
  • Emeritus Professor Ronald K.S. Wood

Department of Materials

  • Professor Robin Grimes

Department of Mathematics

Emeritus Professor Colin Atkinson
Professor Simon K. Donaldson
Emeritus Professor Walter Hayman
Professor J. Trevor Stuart
Professor Richard Thomas


Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Dr Robert Ainsworth
  • Professor Peter Cawley
  • Professor David Ewins
  • Professor Anthony Kinloch
  • Emeritus Professor J.G. Williams

Department of Medicine

  • Professor Stephen Bloom
  • Professor David W Holden
  • Professor Elizabeth Simpson
  • Professor Jonathan Stoye

National Heart and Lung Institute

  • Professor Peter Barnes
  • Professor James Scott
  • Emeritus Professor Timothy Williams
  • Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub

Department of Physics

  • Professor Jeremy Burroughes
  • Professor Donal D.C. Bradley
  • Professor John William Connor
  • Emeritus Professor Peter J. Dornan
  • Professor Michele Dougherty
  • Emeritus Professor Michael Duff
  • Professor Joanna Haigh
  • Professor Edward Hinds
  • Professor Christopher Hull
  • Emeritus Professor Bruce Joyce
  • Professor Jenny Nelson
  • Emeritus Professor Sir Peter Knight
  • Professor Sir John Pendry
  • Professor Adrian Sutton
  • Professor Roy Taylor
  • Professor Tejinder (Jim) Virdee

Office of the Provost

  • Provost Professor James William Stirling, CBE FRS

School of Public Health

  • Professor Sir Roy M. Anderson
  • Professor Christl Donnelly
  • Professor Brian G. Spratt

Department of Surgery and Cancer

  • Professor Sir Lord Ara Darzi

Past Rectors

  • Emeritus Professor Sir Eric Ash
  • Sir Keith O'Nions
  • Sir Richard Sykes