OneDrive for Business training

If you are a new user of OneDrive for Business, when you setup OneDrive Sync Client you will receive a onetime tutorial on uploading files to OneDrive, how to access your content via mobile application and sharing files with others. 

Additional training and support  can be found on Microsoft's support pages. 

OneDrive for Business is the recommended storage solution for work files, available in addition to your College H drive and providing 5TB of cloud-based storage.

Files can be saved and shared online to be accessed from any device, so you and your contacts can work on them together.  

Documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides can all be edited at the same time by multiple collaborators. You can also sync files locally to a PC or Mac drive for offline working or storage.

Concerned about who can see your files?

OneDrive is personal to you, just like your College ‘H’ drive, only you will be able to view and edit your files, unless you decide to share them with others.  

When setting up Outlook Groups and sharing files, be sure to set appropriate access permissions to secure data. Consider setting up a private group, visible and accessible to select members only, with appropriate and restricted access. 

OneDrive for Business gives me the flexibility to access my works files anywhere at any time and from multiple devices. The sync client feature on OneDrive ensures my files are always up to date, so if my device stopped working, I could just log in to another device and continue. In addition, I can roll back to an earlier version of a document using version control. Most importantly, I can share my files and gain input directly on my work from my colleagues, eliminating the need to collate responses and saving time, as all updates are made directly on the shared file. "

Adrian Mannall

Faculty IT Support Manager