There are several ways for staff and students to access College files, systems and services off campus.
The ICT Service Desk can assist and answer questions regarding the following services.

Email account remote access

Most web browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, can be used to access the College email system.

Enter your College username and password when prompted and click Sign in

Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG)

Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) is the preferred method of remote access for staff and postgraduate research students with College accounts. This service enables you to connect to your College computer from your personal laptop or computer, without the need to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. With RDG your connection is encrypted, so you can use it to access our network from hotels and other public access connections.

To access the Imperial network remotely using RDG you need to do two things:

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

All staff and students can set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to access to the following services via a secure network internet connection:

  • College file directories;
  • files stored on the network e.g. H: drive;
  • internal systems like ICIS;
  • College licensed software;
  • software that requires a connection to a College-basd licence server e.g. Qualtrics.

You will need to set up the VPN connection on your machine or device. Connections are available for most remote operating systems and are usually free of charge, but may incur a licence fee. You are bound by the College's Conditions of Use of IT Facilities when using the VPN or your own machine or device.

Library Journals

To access Library Journals please visit the Library Website here and use the Library Search.

For guidance on access using an Apple device running the latest operating systems, please these pages.

Virtual Learning Environment (Blackboard)

Both staff and students can access Blackboard remotely.

Virtual learning environment (Blackboard)

Remote Imperial College Information Systems (ICIS)

Imperial College Information Systems (ICIS) offers staff access to the College's main finance, human resources, grants and student administration systems. All full-time members of staff are automatically given access. College provides connections to install special client software for staff who need to access ICIS remotely.

Access ICIS remotely

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI is a service that enables you to access a Windows-based machine from any device, whether it be a tablet or a machine with a different operating system.

SSH Gateway

The SSH Gateway service allows external users to be able to connect to their internal SSH systems (typically Linux servers) from remote locations via SSH. This allows SSH connections to general access systems/servers but not to our key secure services such as ICIS or OSS.