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2018 podcasts

Making maths connections, spotting fakes and working with your hands

In this edition: We say bonjour to a new Imperial-France maths centre, use machines to spot fake reviews, and swap skills with curators and artists.

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News: GP opening hours and testing Ebola resistance – A study reveals that GP opening hours are not necessarily correlated with visits to A&E, and Imperial researchers trial a cheap device for detecting immunity to Ebola.

Making maths connections – At the opening of a new joint research unitbetween Imperial and France's National Center for Scientific Research, we speak to French Fields medallist and politician Cédric Villani.

Keeping the internet honest – How can we be sure online reviews are genuine? A machine trained to argue can help us root out the fakes, but also help medics find the best treatments. Professor Francesca Toni explains how.

Working with your hands – What can artists, conservators and researchers learn from each other’s physical skills? Professor Roger Kneebone explored the topic with a range of people not often in a room together, but with surprisingly similar skills – from taxidermists to solar physicists. You can also listen to the full interview.

(24 January 2018)