Free of charge services

The Bioinformatics Data Science Group currently acts as a College-wide facility, and comes under the Department of Surgery and Cancer, Faculty of Medicine. Basic access to the BDSG login server (including limited backed up disk storage) is free of charge to members of the College. Access is not generally supplied to undergraduates unless it is required for a specific project or course and verified by the course convener.

Other services currently provided free of charge to internal users include:

  • Use of the BDSG website and bioinformatics applications accessed from the website
  • Creation of accounts and login access to the BDSG server, with associated access and use of all bioinformatics software and biological databases currently maintained on this server
  • General support via the email helpdesk (, for questions and short enquiries taking less than one hour of staff personal attention
  • Continuing development of services provided by the BDSG that are of interest and importance to multiple groups (e.g. production of new general use interfaces)
  • Help in costing and writing research grants (e.g. justification of bioinformatics resources on grants) requiring less than two hour’s personalised staff time.

Chargeable services

Extended services provided beyond those above are chargeable to end-users; to enable us to continue to exist within the college funding structure, since we receive no centralised college funding. Chargeable services we provide include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Bespoke data analysis performed by a member of staff on behalf of a specific user, group or project.
  • Production of new bespoke scripts, pipelines, programs and interfaces for a specific user, group or project (e.g. for bulk data analysis, visualisation of complex datasets).
  • Data management for a specific user or group, including production of bespoke datasets, reformatting, cleaning and verification of existing data, design, implementation, housing and maintenance of new relational databases.
  • Installation and maintenance of pre-existing software and/or databases specifically brought in for, and with use restricted to, an individual or group.
  • Installation and maintenance of new hardware specific to a particular project – e.g. extensive new disk storage.
  • Where a user requires backed-up disk storage beyond 100GB, or requires support for computationally-intensive work requiring additional resources on a regular basis (e.g. cluster use, specific scheduling), annual charges will be levied.