Introduction of the latest annual report

The cover photo of the 2016 annual report, taken from the Centre's first Surgical Training Course, shows Mr Shehan Hettiaratchy teaching the latest in limb-salvaging techniques to the first cohort of trauma surgeons from landmine-afflicted areas.

This annual report represents the fifth in series. It introduces new staff, summarises the Centre’s published work during 2016 and its current associated research activities. It presents two biographical pieces from current researchers in the Centre and an update on one of our alumni making a difference in another walk of life. This report also highlights other leading work from our collaborators in the areas of blast injury and rehabilitation while detailing our efforts in educ¬ation and engagement during the year. We include, as always, a review of our media presence and outreach activities throughout 2016. Most importantly for the Centre, we must maintain the quality of our research as we go forward. As such, our key priorities for 2017 are to recruit and retain key staff, including key postdoctoral researchers and a new cohort of PhD students; we will continue to actively seek new collaborations with other leaders, nationally and internationally, in order to advance the field; and we will extend our translational activities for the benefit of serving military personnel, veterans, and their families.

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