MTech imageThis lively course for Beginners spans twenty weekly sessions and aims to introduce students to new technologies for music making including music programming and sound recording.

Topics of study will include:

  • music programming in the Steinberg Cubase 7.5;
  • basic audio recording and editing;
  • sampling and sound synthesis;
  • songwriting tips;
  • mixing down and mastering.

Students will be supported in producing music of their own throughout the course.

Students do not need to be able to read music in order to take this course. The ability to play a musical instrument is also not required, although a basic understanding of music and some keyboard skills would be an advantage. Students with a musical background are also welcome.

Sessions will generally be comprised of a whole class taught component followed by an assisted practical activity with additional time for students’ own composition work.

All lessons will take place in the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication’s Music Technology Lab (Room 318) on Level 3 of the Sherfield Building.


In order to do this course you will need to purchase headphones for the start of the course. We don’t recommend in-ear headphones. The following are options from (but feel free to use any vendor you wish).

Product code/Description/Estimated price (with VAT) (from

  • 424-010 Sony MDR7509 £109
  • 452-620 Sennheiser HD270 £75.49
  • 450-130 Audio Technica ATH-M30 £53.10
  • 410-860 Beyer Dynamic 231 £33.66
  • 453-600 Sennheiser HD202 £29.99
  • 419-450 AKG K55 £20.79

We have to emphasize that the above are just suggestions. We are not liable if these products do not match the individual preferences of each student.

Imperial College undergraduates and postgraduates may, if they wish, acquire 2 ECTS credits after successfully completing their Evening Class. To qualify, a student must attend the classes regularly and create a portfolio after the end of the second term. Students will be able to apply at the beginning of the second term. Details regarding the portfolio can be obtained from the tutor once the course has started.

Questions regarding the content and teaching of the above course should be addressed to the course tutor, Ms Karina Townsend,