festival 2012

2012's Festival included a pop-up surgery stand for visitors to try their hand at simulated operations and a 13-feet tall mechanical dragon.

The inaugural Festival

Thousands of visitors including members of the public, alumni, staff and students were in party mood on the College’s South Kensington Campus as they explored the inaugaral Imperial Festival – a two day insight into the wonderful and surprising world of life and research here at the College.

Over Friday evening and across Saturday ,visitors had the opportunity to try their hand at surgery thanks to Professor Roger Kneebone’s pop-up simulation, have a pint with a professor, meet robots and take part in hands-on demonstrations by Imperial researchers.

Nearly 1,000 alumni alone registered to attend the alumni-specific events on Saturday while good weather saw curious passers-by join science fans and families who had already heard about the Festival.

Festival Director, Natasha Martineau, Head of Research Communications, said:
“Imperial’s first Festival went better than many of us dared to imagine, with hundreds of staff welcoming thousands of visitors to the event. Around each corner there was yet another opportunity to discover something new about the work of the College. We’re very grateful to everyone who made it all possible, and of course to the sunshine, which made a big contribution to the festival atmosphere on campus this weekend."

2012 Programme

Friday 11th May

16.30 - 18.00: Open to Imperial College staff
18.00 - 22.00: Open to the public

  • Separating fact from fiction - Professor Gerry Thomas discusses health effects of radiation from nuclear power
  • Hear music from Imperial's acapella groups, the Techtonics and Imperielles
  • Take over the street with a silent disco
  • Watch a special Imperial Science Show-off, the open mic night for communicators of science
  • Have a pint with a professor - drop in for an evening drink and a chat with our researchers in our pop-up pub, the Haemo Globe Inn
  • Chat to Albert Einstien - meet the master thinker himself and have a ponder with an icon of intelligence
  • Nineteenth-centuary quack, Dr. Gripenerve, demonstrates wonder elixirs and cures of sterling merit
  • Should we be trying to live longer? Is science good for society? Soapbox scientists debate these questions and more.

Saturday 12th May

10.30 - 19.00: Alumni Reunion
12.00 - 18.00: Open to the public

  • The oddities of physics - a show of the strangest and nerdiest feats science has to offer
  • Belly dancing, mixed dancing and street dancing
  • Imperial College String Ensemble, the Imperial College Symphony Orchestra and Retro tunes from DJ78, gramophone DJ.
  • How Britain became an island with Dr Jenny Collier
  • Dr Sandra Shefelbine tells us how our bones work
  • An eccentric surgeon and his skeleton take you on a tour around the human body
  • How can digital technology drive entrepreneurship?
  • Astronaut, Eugene Cerman talks about his experiences
  • Two zany inventors practise their pitch on some unsuspecting 'Dragons'
  • Spot a skateboarding Sir Isaac Newton and operate George, the 13ft dragon
  • Listen to Mrs Galton, a close friend of inventor James Watt, as she tells a tale of mechanical engineering from the eighteenth century.