At a time when very few women were carving out careers in the City, Daphne Morgan was determined to do so.

Daphne was convinced that gaining an MSc in Management Science at Imperial would give her the best chance of success, “Obtaining this qualification, at this University, gave me a ticket into the financial City. It conferred credibility on me as people recognised that I had received a rigorous education. A number of my female peers entered Management Consultancy, at that time another male-dominated profession, with considerable success.”

The Management Science course covered everything in one year that MBA courses covered over two years at competing business schools and as she could not afford to support herself for that length of time the idea of attending an intensive, more efficiently-run course was extremely appealing. “I was so pleased to finally be studying subjects that I absolutely loved and I thrived in the atmosphere at Imperial. My peers were great, the location was great, but it was the feeling that I had finally ‘made it’ into one of the world’s finest Universities that has stayed with me ever since. Studying at Imperial was intensive and demanded a strong work ethic. I do recall living in some trepidation that I would be thrown out, as Imperial held us to very high standards. Fortunately, I met them and it was excellent preparation for my career.”

Of her decision to provide the newest generation of Imperial students vital support she says: “I believe we have a responsibility to be the best that we can be and along with that comes a responsibility to give back to society. Imperial equipped me with a wonderful education at a time when, fortunately for me, fees were considerably lower. I would not have been able to take up my place of study if the current environment had existed at that time. What donors are doing is extending a financial helping hand to those young people coming up behind us. What could be worse than having the aptitude, the ambition and the desire to study at Imperial, but not to be able to do so for want of funds? My intention is to contribute financially in whatever way I can, once my family’s needs are met. With good planning and a sprinkling of luck, I hope my contributions will increase over the years. It would be wonderful to help as many students as possible study at Imperial and to meet them and follow their progress.”

“To the alumni who are considering whether to donate, I would entreat: Join us! Be long-armed, of short pockets, and contribute to the education and development of the next generation of business leaders and scientists.”