A wonderful 7,701 people gave in 2015-16, raising over £20.4 million. Your generosity enables our students to thrive and our researchers to tackle society’s most pressing challenges. Every donation, whatever its size, makes a real contribution to Imperial’s future. Thank you.

Donor numbers continue to grow

Over the last five years, the number of people giving to Imperial has more than doubled from 3,721 to 7,701. We’re proud that a growing number of friends and supporters are willing to invest in Imperial’s mission.

3,176 new donors

A warm welcome to everyone who made their first gift in 2015-16.

Calling on you

Thank you to everyone who donated in response to our annual telephone campaign. This year our student callers had 4,632 conversations with alumni around the world, who together pledged £725,000 to the College.

Lasting legacy

Over £1.14 million was pledged in legacies during 2015–16. Thank you for investing in Imperial's future.

£297,816 raised for the President's Scholarship Fund

Donations to the President’s Scholarship Fund have helped provide over 600 scholarships since the Fund was initiated in 2010.

50 PhD scholarships awarded to young researchers of international standing

Your support helped to fund doctoral scholarships for some of the brightest young scientists, engineers and medics.

Paying it forward

This year, for the first time, we asked graduating students to celebrate their graduation by making a donation. Over sixty-nine gifts were made towards scholarships and student support.