For Kamil Kurdziel a President’s Scholarship has meant that he can focus on studying for his MSci Physics with Theoretical Physics, and volunteer without the distraction of part-time work.  

kamilI decided to study at Imperial as I wanted to learn in a dynamic and challenging environment. Imperial offered me the chance to pursue my passion for Physics at the highest academic standard whilst being able to live in London. In my first year I have fully immersed myself in Imperial's academic life and social life. Imperial has a lot to offer for personal and professional growth as not only does the College offer great lectures and laboratories for academic work and development, but also great venues to meet up with friends and make new ones.

During the year, I was able to take part in the Imperial Schools Plus programme. Once a week, I volunteered at a local school as a maths tutor, working with GSCE students to help them prepare for their exams and also to give the next generation of students an insight into university life. This has been a fantastic opportunity for me to give back to the community. If I hadn’t received the President’s Scholarship, the time that I spent volunteering in schools would have probably been spent working part-time.

On my course I particularly enjoyed the mathematical modules, especially the Mathematical Analysis course designed for Theoretical Physicists. It gives a more rigorous, mathematical insight into the mathematical concepts used throughout Physics. I am also looking forward to the Physics Department’s Summer Project. During the project, my lab partner and I will explore the heating of electrons in a collision-less medium in which are embedded electric and magnetic fields with strong, and variable, gradients. This opportunity will not only enable me to develop my programming skills, but most importantly give me an insight into scientific research. The summer project will give me the chance to see whether I would like to pursue an academic career. 

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