Like you, we like to plan ahead.  Your kind gift to the area of greatest need immediately becomes part of our endowment, an investment that delivers a permanent and ongoing source of support for Imperial and its students.

Our alumni are very generous in supporting our most vital projects, and we are grateful.  In addition to covering year-to-year costs, however, a university like Imperial also needs the resources to look ahead - to weather a changing economy, provide emergency student funding or to sponsor promising research where the outcomes are unknown.  Recent changes in public funding now mean that we rely upon our global alumni community to help us plan for this kind of secure and productive future.

A healthy endowment = a strong College

If we are to ensure that Imperial maintains its reputation for educational excellence we must find a way to make sure that steady sources of capital are available, today and 100 years from now.

Many donors choose to help us in this course by making gifts to our endowment.  They know strong and wisely-invested endowment can provide a reliable source of income in perpetuity – income which can be spent each year in whatever way best supports the College.

Your donation helps to build a healthy endowment

Today, our endowment is also funded by gifts to the area of greatest need.  Last year, 769 donors contributed nearly £164,000 to this fund, providing: 

  • A steady source of money that allows the College to plan ahead
  • The freedom to invest in “blue skies” research,  where the greatest scientific break-throughs are possible
  • A reliable funding stream for talented students and academics

We would not enjoy such a secure financial position without this generous support.

Give now to secure the future

And with the confidence brought by financial security, these generous gifts also allow us to better meet the expectations of our remarkable community, including alumni and friends like you.

While we celebrate our past, your gift will help establish a sound financial base that enriches the university’s future.  Please make your gift to the area of greatest need today, and ensure that the College is prepared to provide an education to the best and brightest scholars of tomorrow.

Together in 2016-17, 1481 donors generously gave £255,301 to the area of greatest need. Thank you.