For fifty years, the Central Library has welcomed generations of students through its doors. Your gift to the Library Fund helps us build a world-class learning resource, equipped for study in the digital age.

Imperial’s Central Library was opened in 1969 as the College’s principal repository for scientific knowledge and a place for students to congregate for research and revision. Over the last fifty years, generations of students have passed through the Library’s doors – and it remains as important as ever, with over 1.2 million student visits made last year alone.

Imperial has committed to making the library the kind of world-class facility that students, friends and alumni would expect of an institution like this one. However, to realise our aims for the Library, we need your support.

Your gift helps us create a facility for learning in the information age

The way that students use the library is changing. Silent individual study using a physical book remains important – but students today also need access to online resources, room to use a laptop and space for group discussion. Our vision is for a library fit for twenty-first century use, a space designed to accommodate a range of learning styles and flexible enough to evolve to meet changing needs in years to come.

A gift to the Library Fund will help to create a facility that meets the needs of our students today and is flexible enough to evolve with the changing needs of the College community.

After 50 years, the library needs your support

While the library has undergone a series of extensions and upgrades over the years, there has not been a full refurbishment of the entire building in over 40 years. After decades of constant use, the library’s basic infrastructure needs updating, if we are to provide an environment that is comfortable to work in.

Already, over 65 alumni have donated to support the transformation of the library. But to see a step-change at the library we rely on your support. Your donation will help create a wonderful resource for the students of today and lay the foundations for the library’s continued relevance in generations to come.

Please make a gift to the Central Library and sustain this vital resource for the next half-century.

Together, 59 donors generously gave £20,017 to the Library Fund last financial year. Thank you.