Tickets for the Undergraduate Ceremonies on the 17 October 2018 

Below is a guide to the tickets for the undergraduate ceremonies:

Graduand Tickets

Graduand tickets are free of charge.  Upon registering Graduands will register for the ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall and will also receive a ticket for their Department Reception which will take place across campus after the ceremonies. Ticketing has not yet commenced.

Guest Tickets

Graduands will be able to purchase up to 2 guest tickets for the ceremony at £25 per ticket.  Graduands will also be able to purchase up to 2 guest tickets for the department receptions at £15 per ticket.  Please see below the difference between the two types of tickets:

1.      Guest Ceremony Tickets

These tickets are for the graduands guests to attend the Graduation Ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall.   The ceremonies last approximately one hour and forty five minutes.  In order to book your guest ceremony tickets please book on the Royal Albert Hall link in your invitation email (invitation emails to be sent early July 2018).

2.      Guest Reception Tickets

These tickets are for the graduands guests to attend the Departmental Reception on the South Kensington campus after their ceremony.  Each reception lasts for up to one hour and thirty minutes and start promptly after the finish of the ceremonies.  In order to book your guest reception tickets please book these when registering for Graduation.   Please note the receptions start immediately after each ceremony so graduands and their guests attending the receptions are advised to go straight to these after their ceremony. Please note tickets are not yet on sale.

  Additional Guest Tickets

Once registration has closed additional tickets may become available and more information will be provided nearer the time.

 Ceremony Seating

Seats are allocated in advance for both graduands and guests in separate areas of the Royal Albert Hall. Your ticket will identify your seat by door, area, row and seat number. You will be seated with other graduands and not with your guests. Please ensure you sit in your assigned seat, as occupying the wrong seat will disrupt the presentations.  Please note you may also access the Royal Albert Hall through a different door to your guests so please ensure your guests have their tickets to hand prior to entering the Royal Albert Hall.

Children and Babies 

Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions and as such may not be suitable for young children. Any children over two (other than babies in arms) must have their own seat inside the Hall and a ticket must be purchased for them when purchasing all other guest tickets.

Ticket Collection

Further information regarding ticket collection will be emailed to graduands in late September 2018.   In order to assist with queuing and reduce time spent collecting tickets only graduands can access the Royal Geographical Society (RGS).  We respectfully request that the guests of graduands wait outside of the RGS whilst graduands collect their tickets.