What did you do before joining the training scheme?Imogen

Before joining the scheme I studied Human Sciences, graduating in 2016. I then went on to do an MSc in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology. I had some work experience from doing part-time research for a sustainable bottled water company during my undergraduate degree, and I also worked part-time for a tech start-up in London when I was studying for my MSc.

What attracted you to the scheme?

I wanted to join a graduate scheme with a focus on personal and professional development, and found this one to be unparalleled in that respect. The rotational structure also appealed due to the opportunity to gather a breadth of experience working across Imperial, and exposure to a variety of high level management. 

What would be your one tip for applicants?

Tailor your application to the person specification and provide examples of times you have displayed the key skills and qualities required, which you can expand on during your interview.