Before proceeding to the booking form below, please ensure that you have checked:

Room suitability

To view information about your desired room(s), please use one of the campus links below (links open in new window):

Note: Whilst all rooms listed are available for core-teaching, not all are available for non-teaching activities. This will be indicated below the room listing.


Room availability

Navigate to the Room availability checker to check the availability of your desired room(s) (opens in new window)*


  • In the box to the right of 'Room', start typing the name of the room that you would like to view using the following prefix format to bring up a list of rooms at a particular campus:

          CW - for Chelsea and Westminster
          CX - for Charing Cross
          HM - for Hammersmith
          SAFB - for Sir Alexander Fleming Building (SK)
          SM - for St Mary's

  • Scroll down the list and click on the name of the room that you wish to view and it will load up in the calendar below
  • You can change the way the calendar displays by selecting the calendar buttons to the left of the 'Room' box

*Please note:

  • At present, we are only able to display bookings for the current academic year, July 2018 - June 2019 (between January when the CELCAT database for the next academic year becomes available to us and the end of June, you will need to request availability for any given room by contacting us)
  • Some rooms may show that are not listed in the room information section - these are not available for general use