Course Coordinator and Teaching Fellow
Dr Mariam Sbaiti

Course Administrator
Mrs Beatrix Rozsa

Student testimonial on the Global Health stream

Student testimonial on the Global Health stream
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Global Health is a relatively recent area of scholarship that focuses on the increasing interconnectedness of health and its determinants. Major socioeconomic, environmental and technological changes are producing new challenges, ranging from the global epidemic in obesity through to the emergence and rapid spread of new infectious diseases. These new problems compound existing inequalities in health that are experienced within and between countries. At the same time, we are witnessing major scientific and medical advances that hold the promise of solving many of these problems given the necessary leadership and commitment to ensure equitable implementation.

This course will comprise three core teaching blocks, a self-directed learning block involving independent and group work, and a 12-week research project. 

The Course Directors are Dr Mariam Sbaiti (m.sbaiti@imperial.ac.uk), Professor Helen Ward (h.ward@imperial.ac.uk), Dr Red Elmahdi (rahma.elmahdi07@imperial.ac.uk) and Dr Gurnam Johal (gurnam.johal01@imperial.ac.uk).

With the exception of BSc Management and BSc Biomedical Engineering, all of Imperial College's intercalated BSc courses run from September until May. The courses comprise a 12 week teaching block where the students gain specialism-specific knowledge and skills, alongside their research training of core research knowledge and skills. All students also perform a 12 week research project within their specialism.