Animal research The last few years have seen enormous changes in animal research at Imperial. At the beginning of 2014, the College published its Action plan for world class animal research [pdf] and later that year signed up to the UK Concordat on openness in animal research.

See the timeline below for more information on the events and progress that preceded and followed these activities.

Recent developments in animal research at Imperial:


July 2015

Professor Marina Botto is appointed as Imperial's first Director of Bioservices, a position created under the College's Action Plan for Animal Research.

June 2015

Imperial animal facility welcomes a visit by school group, as part of of the College’s commitment to greater openness.

April 2015

The College publishes a short film taking viewers inside its animal research facilities.

February 2015

At a special public event, Imperial publishes its first Animal Research Annual Report.

October 2014

An investigation by the Home Office does not substantiate the main allegations made against Imperial.

July 2014

The Home Office confirms that Imperial has appropriately addressed all the compliance issues served after its investigation into the College.

The College reports on progress on implementing the Action Plan, which includes a series of changes to governance, ethical review, training and communication about animal research.

May 2014

Imperial signs up the UK concordat on openness in animal research.

January 2014

The College publishes an Action Plan for world-class animal research.

December 2013

The Brown committee publishes its report into animal care and welfare. Imperial accepts all the committee’s recommendations.

May 2013

An independent committee, chaired by Professor Steve Brown, is set up to investigate the allegations made against Imperial.

April 2013

Imperial commissions an investigation following allegations made regarding the use of animals in medical research at the College and passes on details of the allegations to the Home Office.