Both the MSc Science Communication and MSc Science Media Production involve a mix of practical and academic work. For the first part of the year, the focus is on academic studies and students complete a number of analytical essays which help them develop their understanding of both science and the media. Later in the year, the emphasis shifts to practical modules in which students undertake their own media projects. Here are some examples of recent practical projects

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Group projects

The Scientist

Juan Casasbuenas and Harriet Jarlett.
The Junkyard of Scientific Theories
Sophie Buijsen, Heather Cruickshank and Joel Winston.
Ros the Rat and the Paratime Shifts
Georgia Bladon, Elfy Chiang and Rayner Simpson.

Radio pieces

Urban Birdsong

It turns out that the urban environment is richer in bird life than we might at first have thought. In fact, as Science Media Production MSc student Agnes Becker discovers, birds have discovered all kinds of evolutionary tricks for adapting to city life.
In this short feature, Science Media Production MSc student Joe Myerscough is on a mission to uncover the truth about sharks. So are they primitive killing machines or vulnerable creatures who should be protected?
What are the words, sounds and feelings you associate with the colour red? Science Communication MSc student David Stacey sets out to try conveying the concept of redness to a radio listening audience by looking at the physiology, psychology and philosophy of colour vision.

Student films

The Last Luzzu (2016) by Frank Jordan and Eva Spielvogel