35th International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC'11)

23-28 January 2011, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

  • Professor Bill Lee - Opportunities for advanced ceramics and composites in the nuclear sector
  • Naeem Ur-Rehman - The strain-rate dependence of the hardness of AlN doped SiC
  • Jonathan Philips - Layered double hydroxides for anion capture and storage
  • TingTing Zhang - Bottom-up design for nuclear waste encapsulation
  • Tayyab Subhani - Glass composites containing carbon nanotubes: processing, characterisation and prospects for toughening (Best Poster Award)
  • Eugenio Zapata-Solvas - Evaluation of mechanical properties of ultra-high tmeperature ceramics (UHTCs)
  • Jianye Wang - Temperature and strain-rate dependent plasticity of ZrB2 composites from hardness measurements
  • Eugenio Zapata-Solvas - Microstructural investigation of HfB2-based ceramics after ultra high temperature testing with a defocussed laser beam
  • Dr Luc VandeperreFraser Wigley

1DRAC, including PG Speaking Competition

13 April 2011, Imperial College London

  • Tayyab Subhani - Fabrication and characterization of glass matrix composites containing carbon nanotubes
  • Naeem Ur-Rehman - Processing and properties of AlN doped SiC
  • Janke Ye - Low temperature molten salt synthesis of SiC hollow nanospheres
  • Dr Luc Vandeperre

CASC Industry Day

17 May 2011, Imperial College London

  • Dr Finn Giuliani
  • Dr Julian Jones
  • Professor Bill Lee
  • Professor Eduardo Saiz
  • Dr Stephen Skinner
  • Dr Luc Vandeperre

12th Conference of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS XII)

19-23 June 2011, Stockholm, Sweden

8th International Workshop on Interfaces

26-30 June 2011, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

  • Dr Julian Jones
  • Professor Bill Lee
  • Professor Eduardo Saiz

Second CASC Summer School on Ceramics

21-23 September 2011, CASC, Imperial College London

1 Day Research Meeting on Advanced Structural Ceramics - 1 DRAC

5 December 2016, Kingston University of London, UK

This meeting is the tool of IoMMM’s (IOM3) Ceramic Science Committee to encourage PhD students and Post-Docs to give a presentation on their work to a knowledgeable audience so that they can obtain feedback to improve their work in preparation for international conferences and publication. However, we are also interested in slightly longer talks, which might go a bit further into a topic and which might be educational for people with more experience too. 

41st International conference and expo on advanced ceramics and composites - ICACC'17

22-27 January 2017, Daytona beach, USA

Showcases cutting-edge research and product developments in advanced ceramics, armor ceramics, solid oxide fuel cells, ceramic coatings, bioceramics, and more. The technical program and Industry Expo provides an open forum for scientists, researchers, engineers, and industry leaders from around the world to present and exchange findings on recent advances in ceramic science and technology.

 new meeting of the UK Chapter of the American Ceramic Society.

15th of March 2017, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, UK

The first meeting of the UK Chapter of The American Ceramic Society was held at the Department of Materials at Imperial College London on March 15, 2017.  A total of 55 were present for the meeting and it is remarkable that nearly half of those attending were from outside of London–from as far as St. Andrews in Scotland, and some other areas around the UK, such as Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Loughborough, and Oxford. This is a testament to the willingness of the UK ceramic community to participate in UK Chapter events!

There was continuous interaction between researchers from academia and industry as 12 participants were from industry representing seven different companies (Jonhson Matthey, Morgan Advanced Materials, Lucideon, British Federation of Ceramics, Electrosciences, NovaMat and Nutec Bickley Kilns). It was remarkable the interest of young graduates and undergraduates as they represented approximately one-third of the audience of what could be considered a perfectly balanced mix of experienced researchers, industry people, early-career researchers, and students.

Post talking about the meeting: click here

Ceramic network innovation event

5th of April, Lucideon, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

A new meeting in the Ceramic Innovation Network series organised by Lucideon, took place the 5th of April. It was organised together with the British Ceramic Confederation.  This year’s meeting was “Digital Technologies in Ceramic Manufacturing”.  

For more information check the flyer: Digital Technologies in Ceramic Manufacturing‌‌

1-DRAC Meeting

7th of April, Imperial College, UK

As always 1-DRAC is an opportunity to stay in touch with the UK’s ceramic science community, for PhD and PDRA researchers to enhance their presentation skills and to update the community on recent research advances. This year’s spring meeting was  held at Imperial College London on Friday the 7th of April in conjunction with the UK heat of the European Ceramic Society’s speech competition at its bi-annual conference (9-13 July 2017, Budapest, http://ecers2017.akcongress.com/).

12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology - PACRIM 12

21-26 May 2017, Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA

A bi-annual conference held in collaboration with the ceramic societies of the Pacific Rim countries – The American Ceramic Society, The Ceramic Society of Japan, The Chinese Ceramic Society, The Korean Ceramic Society, and the Australian Ceramic Society.  The 1st PACRIM conference was hosted by The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) at Maui, Hawaii, in 1993.  After almost 25 years, it is befitting to return to the Big Island of Hawaii for the 12th PACRIM conference. Over the years, PACRIM conferences have earned a distinct reputation as a premier forum for presentations and discussions on the state-of-the-art and emerging topics in ceramics and glass technologies.

15th Conference & Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society - ECerS2017

9-13 July 2017M Budapest, Hungary

Since the first ECerS conference in 1989, the tremendous growth in interest and participation from ceramic communities has made the ECerS Conference a globally very popular venue for scientists, artists, students and industrialists willing to have a direct access to one of the largest community of international experts of ceramic art, science and technology.

2017 European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes - eUROMAT 2017

17-22 September 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

 EUROMAT is the premier international congress in the field of materials in Europe. The EUROMAT2017 congress venue will be the “Thessaloniki Concert Hall”, a unique complex of buildings conveniently located at the seafront of the city. In the year 2017 FEMS will be 30 years old. This milestone in the history of FEMS will be celebrated with special events in the Congress, organised to highlight this special occasion.

Section F is organised by Professor Saiz and will explore design principles underlying biological materials and present and prospective examples of how these design elements can be translated into artificial materials or biomaterials. 

Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics: Materials for Extreme Environment Applications IV

17-20 September 2017, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, UK

Conference organised by the XMAT (Materials for Extreme Environments) partnertship. Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics (UHTC) are a family of compounds that display a unique set of properties, including extremely high melting temperatures (>3000°C), high hardness and good chemical stability and strength at high temperatures. UHTC materials are typically considered to be the carbides, nitrides, and borides of the transition metals, but the Group IV compounds (Ti, Zr, Hf) plus TaC are generally considered to be the main focus of research due to the superior melting temperatures and stable high-melting temperature oxide that forms in situ. The combination of properties make these materials potential candidates for a variety of high-temperature structural applications, including engines, hypersonic vehicles, plasma arc electrodes, advanced nuclear fuels, fusion first walls and divertors, cutting tools, furnace elements and high temperature shielding.

A major focus of recent work is to combine the properties of the UHTC compounds with the concepts behind the design and manufacture of ceramic matrix composites, to form a new class of materials known as UHTCMCs. The purpose of this meeting is to thus bring together interested parties from academia, government and industry in a single forum that allows the bench researchers to interact with designers and engineers to discuss state-of-the-art research and development efforts, what the results mean in a broader context and how to move the technology forward toward near-term and longer term use.


8-12 OCTOBER 2017, Pittsburgh, usa

MS&T brings together scientists, engineers, students, suppliers and more to discuss current research and technical applications, and to shape the future of materials science and technology. It is organized in a joint partnership between four leading materials science-related societies – ACerS, AIST, ASM International, and TMS.

10th International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics - CICC-10

4-7 November 2017, Nanchang, China

Sponsored by the Chinese Ceramic Society it aims to provide an international forum for presentation, discussion and review of the latest advance in science and technology of high-performance ceramics. During the past years, the CICC series has developed to be the largest international conference on ceramics held in China and also an important international ceramic conference in Asia. Since 1998 when the first conference, CICC-1, was held in Beijing, CICC series attracted more and more scholars and graduate students to join together and exchange information in all areas related to the recent development in the field of high-performance ceramics. More than 600 scholars and students attended the latest conference in this series, CICC-9, which was held in November of 2015.

Composites at Lake Louise 2017- CALL

12-16 November 2017, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

CALL explores all aspects of composites, with special focus on the areas of structural, functional, and biological materials. The CALL meeting is broken into Structural, Functional, and Biological Composites topical areas.

42nd International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites

21-26 January, Daytona Beach, USA

ICACC18 showcases cutting-edge research and product developments in advanced ceramics, armour ceramics, solid oxide fuel cells, ceramic coatings, bioceramics, and more. The technical program and Industry Expo provides an open forum for scientists, researchers, engineers, and industry leaders from around the world to present and exchange findings on recent advances in ceramic science and technology.  We will have several researchers from CASC attending the meeting, and organising sessions. See you all there!

MAPP First International Conference

30-31 January, Sheffield, UK

A two-day event, including a conference dinner, bringing together world leading experts in particulate and powder science. It will focus on three themes:

    1. In-situ process and performance characterisation
    2. Advanced characterisation
    3. Modelling, optimisation and control

Check the webpage for more info

Ceramics for Energy Workshop

20th March. The School of Engineering and the Materials Innovation Factory (MIF) in the University of Liverpool, UK.

The UK Chapter has an exciting program for 2018, with the first workshop taking place on March 20. It will be hosted in The School of Engineering and the Materials Innovation Factory (MIF) in the University of Liverpool.  The workshop topic will be Ceramics for Energy, which is a key research topic for people from either academia or industry.  The morning and afternoon seminars will take place in the School of Engineering, with the lunch and poster sessions being hosted in the MIF Atrium.

Registration and abstract submission is now open; please send your contributions and/or your registration form to eugenio.zapata-solvas@imperial.ac.uk for consideration.

For more information visit: http://ceramics.org/united-kingdom-chapter

9th International Workshop on Interfaces: New Frontiers in Biomaterials

16-18 April, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The 9th International Workshop on Interfaces: New Frontiers in Biomaterials wishes to bring together the 1st Biobone Symposion and the previous editions of the Workshop on Interfaces, continuing to provide a multi-disciplinary platform where both early stage researchers and world leading academics can engage with and learn from each other.
Registration is now open, and the programme is under construction but with the Keynote speakers already confirmed.
For more information visit: http://www.bioboneitn.eu/

1 Day Research Meeting on Advanced Ceramics (1-DRAC).

19th April, University of Manchester, UK

The meeting will be hosted by the Ceramics and Coatings group within the School of Materials.

In the tradition of previous 1-DRAC meetings, the emphasis will be on presentations by PhD students and early-career researchers concerned with the processing, structure, properties and applications of ceramic materials.

Abstracts will be accepted until the 12th of April 2018.

Young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Forum

3-4 May ,Padova, Italy

The young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Forum (yCAM) is an event and networking platform organized by EMC and supported by ECerS and the JECS Trust, dedicated to all young researchers interested in the Additive Manufacturing of ceramics. yCAM cooperates with ECerS Young Ceramists Networkto advertise their reciprocal activities.

7th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC7)

17-21 June, Foz do Iguazu, Brasil

This conference follows a sequence of successful ICCs Toronto (Canada, 2006), Verona (Italy, 2008), Osaka (Japan, 2010), Chicago (USA, 2012), Beijing (China, 2014), and Dresden (Germany 2016). It is an international high level platform for gathering researchers and students in the ceramics field to discuss the scientific progress in all R&D areas of conventional and modern synthesis, processing and applications of ceramics.

Additive Manufacturing and Biofabrication Summer School

27-31 August, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Additive manufacturing revolutionizes the way we can produce objects. From simple FDM printing to the complex assembly of metamaterials, 3D printing allows the creation of new and unique constructs. Even living matter is used: printed microorganisms add biological properties to materials or transform scaffolds over time. In addition, biofabrication of patient specific tissue grafts in personalized medicine is within reach of current research.

In this summer school, leading scientists will show you the current state of additive manufacturing and what will be soon possible. Experts from the field will present you real world applications and problems in translation of current research. It is our great pleasure to have several speakers from industry, which will talk about the capabilities and applications of additive manufacturing and biofabrication.

As part of the summer school you will also attend a full day workshop on 3D printing and on Bioprinting which will teach you hands-on the hard- and software which needed to get the printing started in your lab!

Recent Appointees in Materials Science (Rams2018)

10-11 September,Cardiff, UK

Recent Appointees in Materials Science (RAMS) is the only UK national conference specifically aimed at recent appointees (lecturers, research fellows, postdocs and industrial researchers) in Materials Science.

RAMS 2018 will incorporate symposia covering a broad range of subjects in Materials Science (from inorganic materials and functional nanomaterials, to biological, soft matter and electronic materials), to help recent appointees in academia and industry to build their national collaborative networks, exchange experiences and benefit from peer support.

The conference will also incorporate plenary lectures from leading UK materials scientists as well as sessions on essential training and development and information on funding opportunities through the RAMS network, targeted to help materials scientists at the start of their careers. Our aim is to support those at the beginning of their career by providing a forum for networking. Balancing teaching and administration with trying to establish a research group can be a daunting task; RAMS seeks to provide a medium where new appointees can share their experiences and learn from their peers. So if you are a new research fellow, lecturer or a postdoc looking to have a career in any area of materials science, you may benefit from being part of the RAMS community


Materials Science & Technology (MS&T 18)

14-18 October,Ohio, USA.

The MS&T technical program is unmatched, addressing structure, properties, processing, and performance across the materials community. MS&T brings together scientists, engineers, students, suppliers, and business leaders to discuss current research and technical applications, and to shape the future of materials science and technology. To view the plenary lectures for MS&T18, click here. For a complete schedule of events, click here.

In addition, the exhibition showcases a wide variety of equipment and services to the automotive, aerospace, instrumentation, medical, oilfield, and energy industries.

MS&T is organized in a joint partnership of the five leading materials science-related societies – ACerS, AIST, ASM International, MetSoc, and TMS