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Key facts

Total expected intake 
100 (2018 entry)

Research Excellence Framework 2014
3rd (joint) in the UK in clinical medicine based on proportion of world leading research

About the Department

Imperial's Faculty of Medicine is one of the world’s most respected and highest-ranked.

Our courses are underpinned by internationally outstanding research and expertise. Our scientists have invented the world’s first ‘intelligent knife’ for surgery, detecting cancerous tissue with 100% accuracy. They are also at the forefront of HIV and malaria vaccine development, gene therapy, stem cell research and pandemic modelling.

New from 2017, our Medical Biosciences courses offer an innovative approach to learning. You will be provided with an iPad to engage with a blended syllabus of online and in-class learning complemented by an extensive laboratory programme.

Innovative Lab Pod modules are designed to integrate theory and practice, and equip you with work-relevant practice and the transferable skills highly valued by employers.

Upon graduation you will have the potential to become one of tomorrow’s leading scientists, ready to work in a lab, the professions, a startup, or continue with postgraduate study. You will have the opportunity to develop not only pure scientific rigour and skills but also the analytical ability, professional outlook and interpersonal intelligence required to succeed in a changing world.


Three-year course (180 ECTS):

Four-year course (240 ECTS):

You should apply to only one course from above and there is no benefit in applying for both. It is possible to transfer from one of the courses above to the other, up to Easter of your third-year.