Design Engineering students

Key facts

Total expected intake 
70 (2018 entry)

Applications : Admissions ratio 
6 : 1 (for 2015 entry)

About the School

The Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial fuses design thinking with engineering knowledge and practice.

Design engineers are problem solvers who bridge the gap between traditional engineering and design to create innovative solutions to modern challenges, from improving passenger comfort on commercial airlines to designing next-generation sports prostheses.

It's a highly creative discipline that draws on knowledge of manufacturing techniques, product development, technical design and rapid prototyping to bring new innovations to market, and to improve existing products and the processes used for making them.

Our course incorporates a broad range of engineering skills (including mechanical, computing and electronic engineering) along with human factors and design to prepare you for careers in diverse roles. You'll have access to extensive hackspaces and workshops to support the development of your ideas, whether these come alive on the drawing board or fresh out of a 3D printer.


Four-year course (270 ECTS):